Oral and maxillofacial surgery Online only article| Volume 115, ISSUE 4, e1-e6, April 2013

Comparison of the effects of new folkloric hemostatic agent on peripheral nerve function: an electrophysiologic study in rats


      The aim was to evaluate the effects of a new folkloric medicinal plant extract on peripheral nerve function compared with oxidized regenerated cellulose (OC) and bovine collagen (BC).

      Study Design

      Under ketamine anesthesia a total of 40 male Sprague-Dawley rat right sciatic nerves were identified. Animals were randomly divided into 5 groups: OC, BC, ankaferd blood stopper (ABS), and negative and positive control groups. The recordings of nerve potentials were carried out using an electrophysiologic data acquisition system. After the application of substances, the nerve conduction velocity (NCV) was recorded for immediate (30 min), early (120 min), and delayed (3 wk) effects on nerve function.


      Statistically, differences were not found among the hemostatic agents (OC, BC, and ABS) at baseline and all tested periods (early, immediate, and delayed; P > .05). The positive control group exhibited lower NCV values compared with the other solutions at the 30-minute period (P < .05) as well as the other tested time periods (P > .05). OC exhibited NCV values closer to the positive control group at 120 minutes (P > .05).


      Folkloric medicinal hemostatic agent could be considered as an acceptable hemostatic material without resulting in any serious peripheral nerve function alterations. The possible desirable effects of bovine collagen and undesirable effects of oxidized cellulose on peripheral nerve function should not be overlooked.
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