Oral and maxillofacial radiology| Volume 120, ISSUE 1, P86-93, July 2015

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Five-year alveolar bone level changes in women of varying skeletal bone mineral density and bone trabeculation

  • Grethe Jonasson
    Reprint requests: Grethe Jonasson, DDS, Odont Dr, FoU-enheten, Sven Eriksonplatsen 4, SE-50338 Borås, Sweden
    Department of Behavioral and Community Dentistry, Institute of Odontology at the Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Sweden; Research and Development Centre, Sven Eriksonplatsen 4, 50338 Borås, Sweden
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Published:April 24, 2015DOI:


      To investigate alveolar bone level changes in women with varying skeletal bone mineral density (BMD) and bone trabeculation.

      Study Design

      In a prospective, longitudinal study of 128 women (22–75 years of age), BMD (dual x-ray absorptiometry), and periapical radiography were performed in 1996 and 2001. The mandibular trabecular bone was assessed as dense, mixed, or sparse. Mandibular alveolar bone level was measured with a Schei ruler and related to BMD (osteoporotic, osteopenic, or normal) and trabeculation.


      After 5 years, the total bone level score was significantly decreased (P = .001). No significant differences were found in the total bone level scores between the different BMD groups. The greatest decreased total bone level score in 1996 was found in the group with dense trabeculation (0.71 in the dense group vs. 0.31 in the nondense group, P = .005), and similarly in 2001 (0.75 in the dense group vs. 0.39 in the nondense group, P = .020). Five-year changes in the total bone level scores did not differ between trabeculation groups (P = .37).


      The small group of women with dense mandibular trabecular bone seems to suffer a greater decrease in alveolar bone height compared with other women, including women with osteoporosis.
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