Ophthalmologic complications after administration of local anesthesia in dentistry: a systematic review

Published:November 04, 2015DOI:


      The aim of this review was to investigate the association between the occurrence of ocular adverse events and dental local anesthesia, the most plausible anatomic mechanisms, and the measures that offer patients a restitutio ad integrum.

      Study Design

      This systematic review adopted a structured protocol to access available publications and followed the PRISMA statement.


      Eighty-nine cases of patients experiencing ocular adverse events after administration of dental local anesthesia have been reported in the literature. Most of the complications manifested as double vision. Only 8% of the complications caused permanent functional damage, either as vision deficit or anisocoria. Complete permanent blindness was not reported.


      Ocular complications as a result of dental local anesthesia may be seen as rare occurrences with usually low intensity. However, visual function may become permanently impaired and serious medical conditions may obscure ocular dysfunction.
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