Tranexamic acid integrated into platelet-rich fibrin produces a robust and resilient antihemorrhagic biological agent: a human cohort study

Published:March 17, 2022DOI:


      To investigate the incorporation of the antifibrinolytic agent tranexamic acid (TA) during platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) formation to produce a robust fibrin agent with procoagulation properties.

      Study Design

      Blood from healthy volunteers was collected. Into 3 tubes, TA was immediately added in 1-mL, 0.4-mL, and 0.2-mL volumes, and the fourth tube was without additions. After PRF preparation, the clots were weighed in their raw (clot) and membrane forms. PRF physical properties were analyzed using a universal testing system (Instron). Protein and TA levels in the PRF were analyzed using a bicinchoninic acid assay and a ferric chloride assay, respectively.


      The addition of TA to PRF led to a robust weight compared with sham control. PRF weight was greater in females in all tested groups. The addition of TA also led to greater resilience to tears, especially at 1-mL TA addition to the blood. Furthermore, TA addition led to a greater value of total protein within the PRF and entrapment of TA in the PRF.


      Addition of TA to a PRF preparation leads to robust PRF with greater protein levels and the amalgamation of TA into the PRF. Such an agent may enhance the beneficial properties of PRF and attribute procoagulation properties to it.
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